We focus on internet technology, so you can focus on your business.


We focus on I.T. so you don't have to.


Enterprise Micro Solutions has helped many businesses in Southeastern Michigan effectively manage, support and maintain their I.T. resources.  Now we want to offer this advantage to your small business.  Satisfaction guaranteed!

Call me for a free onsite consultation to discuss your I.T. support needs.

Walter Quandt has specialized in small business I.T. support for over 30 years. He understands the negative impact that single employee computer malfunction could produce, let alone several. He truly understands the hardship that is faced when internet technologies in the work place fail.

As a small business owner, you don't have the time to perform computer maintenance at a hands on level.  As you know, you have to focus on the parts of your business that involve your core competencies.  This is the stuff that keeps you ahead of your competition.

You do however, want to rest easy, knowing that your data is backed up and your critical systems are being monitored and maintained.  You also want to know that an an I.T. professional who is familiar with your systems is only a phone call away.


At Enterprise Micro Solutions, we specialize in helping you keep your businesses' computer systems in the uppermost condition. We help you leverage your investment in technology to help your company run more efficiently, gain a competitive advantage and ultimately, maximize profitability!

What sets us apart from our competitors is a commitment to customer service and total familiarity with your systems, both hardware and software.  At EMS, it is our goal to develop a business relationship with your company.  This allows us to learn how your business operates and become an extension of your staff.  The benefit to you is that we will ensure that your systems are running optimally, and that required maintenance is performed on schedule.  We constantly monitor your network, which allows us to identify and correct most problems before you or your staff are even aware their existence.  If a problem arrises, you can be confident that a competent I.T. professional, who has an exceptional understanding of your system, will be available to quickly solve it.

At EMS, we know that your computer systems are vital to daily operations, and we use a combination of remote and on-site support to make sure that your problems are resolved quickly and efficiently with a minimal impact to your business operation.

We also ensure that your systems take proper cyber security precautions, and that all of your vital company data is backed up and quickly recoverable in the case of hardware failure.

In essence, you have an I.T. department at your disposal just like the big businesses have, while paying a fraction of the cost of hiring your own Information Technology staff.