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Types of Maintenance Agreements

In addition to offering ala carte services under a time and materials billing arrangement, we also offer 2 types of maintenance agreements.

Prepaid Blocks of Time

Under this plan, we will examine your environment and determine the number of monthly I.T. service hours required.  We can then recommend a block of hours to be purchased in advance.  This will save you from 10-20% off of the standard time and materials rate.   It also guarantees that we will be managing your I.T. environment and you will be put on the preferred client list.  This will ensure the fastest response time in the event of a critical system issue.  After purchasing the block of hours, you will receive a monthly accounting of hours used up and a detailed accounting of the tasks performed.

EMS IT ManagedCare Complete

Under this arrangement, we charge you a fixed monthly fee based on the complexity of your environment.  We feel that this is the best value because it not only ensures that all aspects of your I.T. environment are taken care of, but it also frees us up to manage everything without having to bill you for every task required to keep your system maintained, available and optimized.  When you are a ManagedCare Complete client we take care of the following items:

  • Remote monitoring of servers and mission critical workstations
  • System patch management for servers and workstations
  • Workstation performance management (defrags, temp file cleaning etc.)
  • Monitor antivirus software and make sure that definitions are up to date across the network
  • User helpdesk support
  • Remote and on-site support
  • Backup and disaster recovery monitoring and management
  • Network security monitoring and management
  • Business application troubleshooting and version updates
  • Twice yearly vacuuming of computers to remove dust and add to longevity of components

This also gives you a fixed monthly cost which makes for easier budgeting of computer related expenses.  As a ManagedCare Complete client, you will get a monthly accounting of what work was performed as well as a schedule of tasks that are required and when we will be completing them.  You will also be considered a premium client and will always get top priority when you experience any I.T. related issues.


To get more information about these plans, please call for a free onsite consultation.